CytoGro available in quarts

OCALA, Fla. – Ecologel Solutions and subsidiary BioPro Technologies are now offering CytoGro Root Hormone Biostimulant in quart-sized bottles. Used for years by golf course superintendents, sports field managers and sod farmers, as well as for other large scale commercial applications, CytoGro has traditionally been offered in one gallon jugs, which provides enough product to treat four acres at the initial application rate. With growing interest for residential installation and maintenance, the quart sized bottle offers an appropriate size for smaller applications. The smaller size also provides a lower price point for trial applications by new users.
CytoGro is an EPA registered hormone biostimulant designed to enhance root development, increase root mass and improve stress tolerance. It guarantees cytokinin content and co-factors that enhance hormone efficiency at low rates. The liquid formula is easily applied as either a foliar spray or soil drench, and is broadly compatible for tank mixing with most other liquid applications. Furthermore, CytoGro contains extremely low levels of gibberellic acid, making it compatible with modern gibberellic acid blocking growth regulators.

In addition to the new quarts and traditional one gallon containers, CytoGro is also available in larger sizes upon request.


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