DOL announces changes to overtime pay requirements

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed a change to federal overtime pay requirements, raising the exempt status of overtime pay to $50,440.

Currently, in order for a person to qualify as exempt, he must make a salary of over than $455 a week/$23,600 annually, and his “primary duties” must be consistent with positions defined by the DOL as managerial, professional or administrative.

In the DOL’s proposal, the minimum salary threshold would be raised to $970 a week/$50,440 annually. This is an increase of over 100 percent.

These changes will go into effect in 60 days, which is why the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is demanding that the administration add an additional 60 days to give people time to research and comment.

According to a press release sent out by NALP, the association is in the process of collecting data on how this change will impact the industry, and its government relations team will then be providing comments from the industry as a whole.

NALP is urging members of the industry to write to their legislator and ask the DOL to extend the deadline for comments on the new proposal.


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