What Is a Solar Bird Bath Fountain?

A solar bird bath is a type of water source is solar powered. The collected energy is stored in batteries or used immediately to operate the filter system and pump and control the water flow. If there is enough sunlight a solar birds drinking fountain is easy to install and run.

Adding a water fountain in the courtyard can provide a variety of benefits for the lawn and garden. These are some of the most beneficial reasons to install this feature garden:

Easy to install: An important quality of solar systems is the ease of installation and use. This type of function garden is fully autonomous and does not rely on electrical wiring or other complicated methods of installation.

Attracts more birds: Get more birds in the garden is beneficial for several reasons, including help with the pollination of plants, local soil aeration and attract wasps and other key predators will eat the most destructive pests.

Learn about nature: the activity of common birds in the garden, you may learn the weird and wonderful patterns that come with many species of birds.


A solar system is best placed in a location that receives plenty of sunshine throughout the day. A source of the solar bird bath can operate at full capacity when the solar panels are able to collect enough energy. Unless the product comes with a battery to keep the excess power is not able to work on cloudy days.

Furthermore, it should be placed in an open space, which is surrounded not grassy, ​​plants or trees. If the birds are not able to see the area for signs of predators, they are not likely to make a visit to your garden.


These water features are available in many styles and types. Most are designed with a shallow dish of water and a filter and pump to operate the source. Some models include a heating system to stop the water from freezing on cold nights. In addition, the level of support material and can range from ceramic, resin and metal.

low maintenance

This type of garden function is inexpensive and easy to maintain. The only maintenance is involved in the maintenance of routine cleaning and make sure the pump remains submerged. In addition, the ability to operate the unit without electricity means no ongoing costs to sustain development in the source water.


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