Sod Solutions forms partnership

TANGENT, Ore. – Sod Solutions and Barenbrug USA have begun a partnership to sell sod quality seed to sod farms for Barenbrug distribution. Sod Solutions will sell both Barenbrug Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR) and Turf Type Kentucky Bluegrass (Turf Blue) sod quality seed.

RPR, Lolium perenne ssp. stoloniferum, is a new subspecies of traditional perennial ryegrass created exclusively by Barenbrug’s innovative Turfgrass Research and Development Group to withstand heavy traffic and rapidly recover. In January, RPR received a utility patent #8,927,804. RPR is durable, thrives under temperature extremes and regenerates turf horizontally with determinate stolons. The technology provides traffic tolerance and other highly desirable traits, including rapid initial establishment.
Barenbrug’s Turf Blue features a 3-4 variety blend of the very best Barenbrug Kentucky bluegrasses. Quick to germinate with fast establishment, these blends are good for use in all areas of Kentucky bluegrass adaptation. They are suited for sod production, with good sod strength, reduced harvest waste, improved pallet appearance and handling at installation.
For more information, contact Sod Solutions or your local Barenbrug distributor.

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