L&L assists service project

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Project EverGreen, a Cleveland-based non-profit and its partners created and restored an area within the growing West 25th St. corridor of Cleveland, allowing both residents and visitors to benefit from a healthy dose of green.

“We are excited to promote the many benefits of green spaces through the revitalization of Gould Court,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “The project underscores the core objectives Project EverGreen stands for which is to develop green spaces to help communities thrive. Green space that allows residents and visitors to connect is a vital component for economic development.”
Project EverGreen partnered with Cleveland-based Land Studio and Painesville-based Yardmaster to create a new community friendly green space next to Mitchell’s Ice Cream on West 25th.
Lawn & Landscape sent Traci Mueller, account manager, and Justin Armburger, graphic designer, to help out for the day as the crew dug holes for trees and plants, installed irrigation hoses and laid compost and mulch.
Local companies and organizations that lent support to the project included Yardmaster, North Coast Perennials, Klyn Nurseries, Gilson Gardens, Lake County Nursery, Kurtz Brothers, John Deere Landscapes, Sweet Peet, LAND Studios and Mitchell’s Ice Cream.

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