How to Come Up with Winning A/B Tests Using Data

One way to increase your sales is to improve your conversion rate, right? Although it’s true, conversion rate optimization isn’t easy.

If you just base your tests on your gut feelings, you may find a few winning variations, but chances are, most of them will lose.

So, how you do improve your conversions? You have to analyze data before you run A/B tests. Here’s how you can use data to improve your conversion rates.

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How to Come Up With Winning A/B Tests Using Data

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I run hundreds of A/B tests, and the variations that typically have the most impact are those with drastic changes. To come up with those drastic changes, you need to analyze your data first to see what you need to change.

You can get the data by looking at your Google Analytics reports as well as a heatmap of your site through Crazy Egg. In addition, consider running surveys by using tools such as Qualaroo.

Have you run any A/B tests yet?

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How to Come Up With Winning A/B Tests Using Data
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